24. in which danny is nearly vaporized

Her inspection of the ground was cut short as a cannonball-sized gob of liquid fire flew into the ground nearby. Superheated debris exploded into the air and rained down around Danny in an instant fire storm. A sound like a thunderclap blasted Danny’s ears as the air around her suddenly expanded from the heat, drowning out the sound of the impact itself.

Danny cried out in pain and surprise as she was blasted by a flurry of hot ashes. Her arms flew up over her face, but not in time to save her eyes from being burned. The heat from the fireball and from the debris blistered her skin.

Although she had never experienced the effects firstand before, Danny had seen fireballs like this before in this world. In fact, it wasn’t fire at all, but a plasma round. Apparently, the humans were still attempting to fight back against the forest, this time using plasma cannons. She doubted they would do any real damage to the forest, but one round would vaporize her into hot carbon dust. She had to react quickly, and smartly.

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Christie “Iamba” Bailey


~ by iamba on November 28, 2008.

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