A note from the author

Hi there. It’s almost two months since my last installment, and I think it’s time to admit that Danny’s Story is on hiatus.

This story — and the series — is a work in progress, and the on-line format is an experiment for me. In a way, it’s been successful. Having an audience was a much-need incentive to write what I did, I learned a bit about publicity, and I received some very helpful feedback regarding the story and its on-line format.

As is possible with any rough draft, I’ve reached a point where I feel something is wrong. Many plot elements just don’t seem to be working, and I think it’s time to dismantle what I have and take it back to the drawing board — again. I like Danny and the crew too much to give up on them. Anyway, I have too many business cards that I don’t want to waste (plus that nifty flyer that my friend created for me), so I can’t give up. Good news is, since deciding to put this story to scrap, I’ve already got some new ideas percolating.

Thank you very much to everyone who’s read, and to those who commented or reviewed. Your feedback is priceless.

I don’t know when the Danny rewrite is going to happen. I do hope to finish editing another novel — this one already completed! — so please check back for a link soon.

Thanks again, everyone!



~ by iamba on June 10, 2009.

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